Get Your Security Deposit Back

We can assist with security deposit law in Jersey City, NJ

You gave your landlord a hefty security deposit with the expectation of honesty and fairness on their part. But even though you left your unit in good condition, your landlord won't give your money back. Security deposit law dictates that your landlord must return your deposit, with interest, if it hasn't been justly used. That's where Salierno Law, LLC comes in.

Clients in Jersey City, NJ turn to our law firm when they need to recover a security deposit. Your attorney will review your move-in statement, photo evidence and other relevant documents when building your case. Arrange for a consultation now to get started.

Make sure you're following security deposit law

Make sure you're following security deposit law

Knowing security deposit law is crucial for any landlord in Jersey City, NJ. Violating the laws could cost you money and time spent in court. Here are some tips you should follow as a landlord:

  • Don't cash the deposit check in your personal account-hold it in a separate interest-bearing account
  • Pay your tenant annually for the interest generated on their security deposit
  • Don't charge more than a month and a half's rent for a security deposit

Your security deposit attorney will make sure you're following all of the laws. They will also represent you if you're sued by a tenant for not returning a security deposit. Call 201-217-8700 now to discuss your case with an attorney from our firm.