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Resolve Landlord-Tenant Disputes Fairly

There are a lot of ways a lease can be violated by landlords or tenants. The tenant could have a pet without permission, or the landlord could fail to make necessary repairs. Make an appointment with Salierno Law, LLC now to speak with an experienced breach of lease attorney. Our law firm represents both landlords and tenants who are accused of breaking a lease.

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breaking a lease

Don't lose out on rental payments

Your tenant could break their lease early for a number of different reasons. They may have found a new job or less expensive apartment nearby. Regardless of their reasons, you don't deserve to foot the bill. As a landlord, you can take legal action against a tenant who violates the terms of a rental agreement by breaking a lease before the termination date.

Your attorney will review the terms of the lease agreement and hold your tenant responsible for what they owe. If your tenant refuses to pay, your attorney will settle matters in the courtroom. Talk to an attorney today about your breach of lease case.