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We hired John to represent us in negotiating with our landlord. John was prompt with phone calls, a huge plus, and when we had our consultation it started with a little get to know us - which was a very astute move. After reviewing our issue, John referred back to information mentioned during introductions and casual conversation, which was it turned out - to be very relevant to our situation.
John's knowledge and experience with tenant/landlord law was deep, and at his fingertips.
We recommend John and if we are in need of an attorney for real estate or landlord/tenant issues we will, without hesitation, retain John again.

- Barbara

"An Expert Attorney, Professional and Personable"

John was very efficient when he worked on our case. We had a very easy time scheduling meetings with him in his office, and he was always very accessible via email. He has a lot of knowledge about property law and his expertise showed. During our case, we had some troublesome tenants and John had numerous solutions readily available. I would highly recommend John.


"Very effective!"

I came to John days before my eviction was to happen, and he got me an ajournment. On my next court date he ended up getting me a four month stay with free rent. (I only paid for one month).
He's smart, patient, and kind. He also worked with my financial situation.
Thank You John!!
I defiantly recommend him!


"Smart, patient, and kind"

John Salierno, Esq., handled a complicated L&T case for me with remarkable skill; another attorney had complicated my life, I was in a bind.

John filed an emergency application, which upon filing resulted in my adversary relenting from the unreasonable corporate posture they had been pursuing.

In 4 days, he undid the 3 months of missteps, half starts and mistakes committed by prior corporate counsel.
When you consult John, you will be told what you need to know, not what you want to hear.

Integrity, punctuality, impressive skill set, courteous, respectful service, top shelf representation.

Best in Class. Period.

You will not find a more knowledgeable, competent, effective attorney to deal with difficult Landlords.

This is who need to be standing by your side if you ever find yourself in L&T Court.

- Alexander

"Look no further"

John was very knowledgeable on the issue we were having and very professional. He was available all the time any very down to earth understanding completely our needs...

- Brandon

"Great Professional Lawyer"

John is an incredibly effective attorney. I was pleased with how responsive he was to my concerns even being available on the weekend, the day before court and even late evenings. John is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs with the housing court system and is very detailed!!! John gets straight to the point and had me out of court in no time. Case dismissed!

- Cashella

"Extremely knowledgeable and effective"

Great attorney ! Very competitive and straight forward . Was always a phone call away through the whole process. Would absolutely recommend him !

- Hector

"Best choice"

John has advised me on several issues with tenants. He knows the ins and outs, and every loophole that a tenant may try to use against a landlord. I go to John before any other attorney when it comes to landlord tenant issues. he is prompt and professional, and always returns calls.

- Tim

"John is a walking encyclopedia of landlord tenant law in NJ"