Setbacks Have Taught Spector a Lot

While the Tigers have been learning the importance of this word in the game of football, Spector has had his fair share of adversity to overcome in his own life as well.

Spector, a graduate student, spent the 2021 football season recovering from sickness and caring for his mother, who suffered from colon cancer. 

After Spector was diagnosed with COVID in February of 2021, he noticed that it was taking much longer than usual to recover. His breathing was irregular, and he was also experiencing acid reflux.

His sickness dragged all the way to December of 2021, which is when he had to get a life-changing surgery and was officially diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux

As this was all going on, his mother was undergoing treatment for her colon cancer. All in all, it was a tough season, but not on the field, but in Spector’s life.

Thankfully, both Spector and his mother have recovered. Spector is breathing normally and is healthy, and his mom is cancer-free.

Spector now uses his own experiences to teach his teammates how to locate the diamond in the rough and learn about themselves and their team.

Brannon’s brother, Baylon Spector, who graduated from Clemson in 2021, continues to encourage Brannon while playing in the NFL, telling him and his former team to keep their heads high.